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Blev medlem: 2015-01-12 2:08
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I am guildmaaster and there is a problem to give guildchests, it\'s 10 days since last time and you guys have set restriction on pr week - wtf is that, on wartune there is no such thing and guildmaster is the ruler of guild and can give guildchest everyday to 1 person, IT*S not you aos who can rule this, get rid of the restriction conserning guild and guild chests. And by the way thanks to this I wont get highest lvl event mount. But clearly you guys don\'t wish to have people in your variation of this game, think i go back to wartune and use my money there and give guildchest every day if i wish. You guys focked this game up.

2015-01-12 2:15

Blev medlem: 2014-08-03 19:35
Inlägg: 28
Yes, and i think this is to counter against selfish masters who try to get 10 chests per week which in my opinion is an insult toward the guildmates and toward the rest players aswell. But that is just my guess.

2015-02-28 17:52
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