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Hi everyone! Im Ashura from the server 4 and today Im going to post some general information on catacombs and tricks to how to beat the catacombs level 50+ eyeball bosses.

Ok, so now that the introduction is outta the way, what makes catacombs one of the most important? Well first off, the huge amount of Ep you get and the gems supply (ädelstenar) which helps you build up your toon through the game is the reason why you MUST learn how to master catacombs, if you want to be competitive.

Relatively, the mage has higher chances to complete it easily, then the archer. But for a knights, it is a different story, SADLY.

So lets start with type of each bosses attack:-

Boss level 5 - Wolf

Boss level 10 - Skeleton

Boss level 15 - Skeleton

Boss level 20 - Tauren or cowman (whatever)

Boss level 25 - Skele? (damn, forgot this boss)

Boss level 30- Bird looking guy

Boss level 35 - Big manbird guy

Boss level 40 - Etheral Knight

Boss level 45- Magician

Boss 50-100 - Eyeballs
Both Fatk and Matk

FATK= Fysiattack

Ok, so now that you know the atk characteristics of each boss, you can better prepare yourself for each of their attacks. Early on in the game your first struggle should be the boss at 25 or 30, depending on if you bought the recharge pack with balens. The best way to fight this boss is to load up on the fysidefence, equipping your fysidefense astrals and swapping all your extra (2nd gem slots) to fysidefense. THIS IS IMPORTANT: Do not forget that styrkebrygd increases both fatk and fysidefence. If you are a mage, make sure you use BOTH styrkebrygd and visdomsbrygd. The little extra helps a LOT.

Once you get that guy down, you should be around level 35. Once you get to level 35 the next few bosses are relatively easy. So the next struggle for you should be the level 45 boss( if you are a archer or knight).
If you are a mage, you will struggle at level 40 boss instead. Mages can get by the level 40 boss easy enough if they max their PDEF. You need a purple or better fysidef astral at level 3 or 4.

Here comes the reason why I made this guide, those nasty lvl 50-100 eye ball bosses.

First thing you need to learn about this boss is his sequence of moves (or hits). At first, he hits with one lightning bolt, then he cast the aerial dmg (hits all of you) with a chance of stunning for 1 turn, then he goes with lightning bolt. Then it will follow with the debuff hit (-50% all stats for 3 turn), follows with one lightning bolt and then he cast the eyeball roll (slow stats to all). After this he cast 2 times lightning bolt and then with stunning aerial dmg (repeat the sequences of attack).
BUT, at his last hp, the boss tend to mess up with his attack sequence so be careful.

first thing you need is magical defence (obviously), because beside that eye roll hit (fatk) he mostly dmg with magical attack. and then the other trick you need is the double hit move.

Probably most players knows the double hit trick but in case you dont, here is the trick.

you know the toon does an auto attack if you dont click on any skill right? As soon as the toon is about to cast the autoattack and/or does perform the autoattack, you click fast on one skill ( which means the toon will perform an autoattack and the skill attack in the same turn before opponent). This trick works good in catacombs and in the WORLDBOSS. So make sure to learn how to perform double hit. As beginner you wanna test this on worldboss first where it works at 100%.

Ok back to catacombs, as mentioned above double hit is a way to go if you want to suceed. Now that you know the sequence of the eyeball boss attack, you need to anticipate the timing and hit.
Example with double hit, you can make the -50% stat debuff last 2 turns instead of 3 and MAKE SURE NOT TO USE ANY BIG MOVES WHILE YOU ARE AT THE -50% STATE DEBUFF (this applies to the heal of the mages aswell).

After this, if you are still stuck on the bosses, it means you arent strong enough and you need to build up your toon more.
better astrals (yellow if possible) and level em up, Aim to the guild skills, refine your armore, or socket your gear. there are alot of ways you can improve your toon so.
For archers, who can slow the boss´s movements, reduce their damage and all sort of debuff skills and for mages, which can heal up easilu, catacombs should be easy. For knights, it is a different story. I´m not familiar with knights but they necessarly need to be alot stronger, enough to overwhelm the bosses.

Almost forgot, ALVORNAS PAKT....if you can afford diamonds, dont hesitate to buy that and use gives 10% to all your stats, very useful in certain situation.

Oh I guess that´s it.Hope it helps and if i forgot something or you have question feel free to post comments.

MVH Ashura

2014-09-06 16:15
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