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Level up fast! :) 
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Blev medlem: 2014-08-03 19:35
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Hi, I´m Ashura and today´s topic will be how to Level Up Fast?
There are ALOT of stuff to gather EXP from.


Finish all your Main Quests (if available).
Try your best to do and complete all your Daily Quests as much as possible.


- try your best to get and complete Orange bounty quests, because they give the most amount of EXP. Although if you have no luck, you can settle with the 2nd best bounties, the Purple ones. Always try to only accept and complete purple and orange bounty quests. If you have no time to wait, you can settle with Blue bounty quests instead. They often come out so you pretty much do not have to worry about to much waiting for blue bounties. I do not suggest to complete white and green bounty quests, but if you really have no time to wait for better bounties, i suggest that you should just do whatever color of quest you can. Just make sure to complete and reach your bounty quest limit (20) per day. If there is an event quest that will allow you to do more than 20 bounty quests, do them. It wont hurt to do a little more work to obtain a fair amount of EXP.

Always keep in mind, Anything that gives a good amount of EXP, take it!


Do as much as you can depending on how much Stamina your character has. Always try to do as much solo camps as you can per day, and if you can do much more than the limit, you can obtain a daily amount of 60 stamina from the temple. You will just have to Enter 1 altar, Click a statue, start your Cultivation process for 2 hours. You can go AFK mode in there if you want, but just try to get that 60 stamina. That already gives you 3 Free runs on a solo campaign. Also, keep in mind that in doing solo campaings, you do not just want to waste a run on a low level solo camp. The best way to get the best amount of EXP in a solo camp, is to do the farthest map as you can depending on your current level. The Higher the Requirement level of the map, the more EXP you can get. You can also choose to or not to use Exp Scrolls. If you will do so, make sure you use up all your stamina in doing solo camps while the EXP scroll is active.


Multi-player dungeons are one of the most important things to do in a Daily basis. For it is only limited up to maximum of 3 attempts per day. Make sure that if you enter a multi-player dungeon, you complete it with your team as fast as you can while EXP scroll is active. A tip in doing hjältensport with EXP scroll, activate your exp scroll right before the Final boss in the map on your 1st attempt. Make sure you do and complete all 3 attempts per day. Because they reset once only per day every 05:00 server time.


Nothing much to discuss about the catacombs, for as you may know you can go farther in the crypts depending on how strong your character is. The Stronger you are, the farther you can reach. And The farther you can reach, the more rewards and EXP you can get. You can do a free attempt of 1 per day, regularly. I would suggest to save your crypt keys though for late game, because late game is where your character starts to get stronger and more likely for you to be able to complete more levels in the Catacombs. So, if you save your crpyt keys and use them once you can clear further inside the catacombs, the more rewards and more EXP you can get. Although, if you used up your crypt keys early, lets say at a certain level, you can only clear until lvl 35 of the catacombs and you chose to use up all your crypt keys on the crypts by just reaching lvl 35 (35th floor). Your keys might be used on a waste. Compared to saving it for late game, being able to complete more levels in the catacombs (e.g., 80th floor, 90th floor), and then using your crypt keys on it, you are sure to receive way more rewards and EXP and definitely worth using crypt keys on. So be sure to use your Crypt Keys wisely (specially if you are non-casher type player).


Of course if you choose to boost more exp up, there is the farm. You can freely plant Leveler Seeds that will allow you to harvest a decent amount of EXP depending on the level of the Seed, and your farm soil´s level. The higher the Seed level and Soil level, more EXP. You can also sneak in to your friends farms who has EXP plants waiting to be matured and harvested, list the plants time on when are they going to be matured, be the first one to steal it! Because there are only a maximum of 3 people who can steal in someones farm, and the first person who steals, gets the most amount.

So there we go, there you have it, I have given you all my best knowledge in getting the best amount of EXP you can. I hope I have given you guys alot of help.

Upgrade, Train, Explore, and Dominate! Have a good one yal!! :D

2014-08-11 15:28

Blev medlem: 2014-07-21 11:41
Inlägg: 5
Bra med Ctrl C och Ctrl V från ett engelsk forum! bra jobbat!

2014-11-16 9:39

Blev medlem: 2014-08-03 19:35
Inlägg: 28
[quote=\"jon39179\"]Bra med Ctrl C och Ctrl V från ett engelsk forum! bra jobbat![/quote]

Is that a problem for you?!

2014-11-16 11:04

Blev medlem: 2014-07-21 11:41
Inlägg: 5
ja det är ett problem att detta är ett svenskt forum för ett svenskt spel för svenska spelare eller har jag fel? om jag nu har fel var är det svenska forumet för dom svenska spelarna som spelar det svenska spelet?

2014-11-16 18:42

Blev medlem: 2014-08-03 19:35
Inlägg: 28
Om du inte gillar det och du tror du kan göra ett bättre guiden så är du välkommen att posta en (eller flera).
Förresten, svenskt forum= rätt, svenskt spel= rätt, för svenska spelare= FEL (Newsflash, jag är inte svensk), så tagga ner gubben, det är bara ett SPEL.

2014-11-16 20:08
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