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astral guide! 
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Blev medlem: 2014-08-03 19:35
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Astral guidance

Hej guys I am Ashura from server 4, and here we will be talking about the astral effects and how to use them.

There are lots of Astros you could find in game, some of advices here are from my friend, a pro-astral-addict, that’s what I used to call him,
Here’s the basic about astral that every player should know, the Astros’ colour
- grey/white
- green
- blue
- purple/pink
- yellow/orange

Here’s a bit explanation of each astral that I’ve learnt from my friends and myself

1. Ep-bubbla

This astral is different than the other astral, it ain’t stat related, defensive, nor offensive astral. It gives 500 exp for your astral (only one astral). It costs 1000 astral points. If you wanna pump up your astral faster, energine is the best option.

2. Stormfödd/ vild själ

Sikte astral. For an Archer this astral is the 2nd astral that they MUST have. Without it, an archer is considered as a limp archer since archer deals crit base damage most of the time. The combo of high crit and high patk resulted in deathly dmg for their enemy.

Knights and mages shouldnt use this astral earlier than lvl 70, because they dont get full benefit of the astral as much as the archer (except in worldboss).

3. Domens ljus/röd vrede

I see alot of people (archers, mages , knights) having SIKTE astral without this one. This one is SIKTE´S astral’s partner; you can’t go all crit without this one. Domens ljus/ röd vrede increase your crit base dmg by certain %. Higher level gives more chance to whack your enemy with powerful crit. (CRIT= SIKTE)

4. Krigarens själ/ anarki

This astral is useful to MAGES and KNIGHTS. Unlike the archers, knights and mages tend not to deal critical dmg (fullträff). Therefore this astral block your ability to deal critical dmg but increase your base dmg by certain amount %. In my opinion, mages and knight should benefit this astral till lvl 70.

5. Demonens märke/ tors ande

Magical attack astral, this one can boost your magical attack. Remember this, ONLY MAGE using this astral.

6. Titanens styrka/ stridens märke

Physical attack astral, this one can boost your physical atk. Archer and knight are using this.

7. Odödligt dimension/skyddande vingar

Block astral, usually knight using this astral to boost their block stat. Lots of knights are using block for dodging dmg from their enemy. Higher your block, more often you dodge dmg from your enemy.
Mage and archer could use this astral too, but it more useful for knight since knight has passive skill that help them to block and heal. Plus “Meat-shield” is knight’s nature XD

8. Asuras ande/heligt löfte

Float damage expands by certain percent. Ehm Im not going to confuse you about how it works but lets give an example:-

Asuras Ande level 1 gives +7%, now, with that means if your damage is t.ex 7000, then with that astral it will expand either to 7490 or 6510.
(according to calculation that 7000 * 0.07= 490)

If you are lucky you will hit harder where otherwise you will hit less harder. If you like to gamble, this astral is perfect for you, and it works good with sikte astral. I personally use this astral ONLY IN WORLDBOSS because hey gamble is fun, more money or less money. :D

Although not recommended to use it outside world boss, you dont wanna waste an astral space for a gamble shots....

9. Ärkeorakel/ intets sjal

This astral help you to receive fullträff reduced by -%. At this moment it isnt so interesting astral, a waste of space. But it will turn useful in later on patch (mages and knights).

10. Välsignat sinne/drakens andedräkt

It reduces ALL dmg received by %. Higher the level, lesser dmg you received.

I see all top players ( I mean all of them) not having this astral, which is Big mistake to understimate this astral, this is one of the MOST IMPORTANT astral that anyone should posses (not useful to lvl 25 or lower).

11. Gaias ljus/ klippans skydd

It reduces dmg value. To whoever that still confused bout dmg value, it’s the dmg you received when you’re in duel. It’s popped up above your head each time your enemy inflicts dmg to you. Very useful for low level players who run in Nether Forest or Claristun.
I’ll say lower than level 35 cuzz there is some level 35+ could deal 1-7k dmg in a PvP.
Dont use it on high level dungeon, not helping at all.

12. Angelns hjärta

It gives you chance to regain HP to % of dmg dealt (10% trigger rate). Not so helpful when you dealt more or less than 10% trigger rate.

13. Brilliance/Enhanced Brilliance/Refined Brilliance/Pristine Brilliance (Odöd ande/ Livskristal)

HP astral. It boosts your HP. Good for GB run when your job is whacking enemy’s ward tower. But, it means you need more HP pack to replace your HP lost.

14. Guds ljus/furstens märke

With this astral, you can boost your troop counts. It’s good for GB run also. Your troops can last longer against ward’s attack.
More troops, means they will last longer against enemy’s attack.

15. Heligt hjärta / kaos skydd
Physical defence astral.

16. Naturande/ eldskydd)
Magical defence astral.

17. Taggskydd/lomsk reflex

With this astral you have chance to deflect dmg you received by %. Good astral for you against stronger player.

18. Demonens blick/Magidomen

This astral can help you dodging dmg that you received. It’s different from block. With block you still received some dmg, but with illusion you only received 1 DMG!!! But, not really helpful when you have low level illusion.

Suggested astral for starter

1. Archer
Level 25: Physical attack, Sikte
Level 30: Physical atk, sikte , Dömens ljus
Level 40: Physical atk, sikte , Dömens ljus, optional (magical defence or physical defence)
level 50:- fatk, sikte, domens ljus, magical def, physical def
lvl 60:- fatk, sikte domens ljus, mdef, pdef, (optional)

2. Mage
Level 25: Magical attack, krigärens själ
Level 30: Magical attack, Anarki/ krigärens själ, physical defence.
lvl 40:- matk, krigarens sjal, pdef, mdef
lvl 50:- matk, krigarens sjal, pdef, mdef, hp

3. Knight
Level 25: Physical attack, Anarki/ krigärens själ
Level 30: Physical attack, Anarki/ krigärens själ, Magical defence
lvl 40:- patk, krigarens sjal, mdef, pdef,
lvl 50:- patk, krigarens sjal, mdef, pdef, hp

Magus (4k gold, 1 point)
Ceres (5k gold, 2 points)
Pallas (6k gold, 3 points)
Satum (8k gold, 4 points)
Chiron (10k gold, 5 points)

Exchange for astral
1k sp = energine
2k sp = purp astral
7k sp = yellow astral

When you’re getting closer around 2k sp, astral will be nicer to you. It will give you more purps or yellow randomly. NO NEED to exchange, ya right… BUT, once you getting closer to 3k sp, astral will be a meanie again. You’ll get more and more misfortunes, greens, and blues. It’s just like they’re trying to say, “Hurry and get 7k sp then exchange them for yellow astral, so I can torture you again.”
The trick is get at least 7k sp as your basic sp. In other words, just pretend that your 7k sp is 0 sp so you cant use them to exchange.
And if you considered yourself “unlucky” with astral and decided to exchange, you’ll get EXACTLY THE SAME astral that you just exchanged in 1-2 weeks later. That is how it works lol

How to get sp fast?
1. Sell all. Sell everything you get from astral, but yellow and purpil. This way you get more clicks (more clicks meaning more points). You can use yellow and red to pump up your astral or use energine instead.
2. Yummy purpiles. Sell everything you get from astral, but purpils and yellow. Lesser click than “sell all” way, but you dont have to buy energine to pump up your astral cuzz you have yummy purp to help you feed your astral. You get purp more often than yellow, so you can pump your astral each time you get purp.

How much exp each astral gives?
- Green = 10 exp
- Blue = 30 exp
- Purple = 50 exp
- Yellow = 70 exp

IMPORTANT, all Astros work so well once they reach at least level 5, so… pump them up!

Some suggestions that MIGHT worth for your astral pack.
1. Lots of players currently using def combo (mdef and pdef astral), they’re good combo, but they only add more certain def, further more you need 2 slots for them. So, if you dont wanna waste your astral slots for them, you could use demonens blick and/or drakens andedrakt only as your defensive astral. And try to use yellow.
2. Archers have balanced def, between mdef and pdef. If you ever decided to use def combo (mdef and pdef) it wont be hurt for archer to use both at the same time. But, it’s diff case on mage and knight. Mage has higher mdef than their pdef, so I’d say, use pdef astral if you wanna use def astral to get a balanced def. Same with knight, they have higher pdef than mdef, use mdef astral to get a balanced def.
3. One more thing, if you disagree with 2 suggestions above, you can always use def combo (mdef and pdef) at the same time. But, if you AREN’T an archer, dont expect to get balanced def. So… up to you :3

2014-08-04 20:22

Blev medlem: 2014-08-09 20:05
Inlägg: 25
To add to this i have noticed that if you use Auto astro you have less chans to get the better astros =) dont waste money do it manually :)

2014-08-09 20:08

Blev medlem: 2014-08-03 19:35
Inlägg: 28
Ye, I forgot that part. :)

2014-08-12 10:24

Blev medlem: 2014-07-21 11:41
Inlägg: 5
varför gör du inte guide på svenska eller du bara kopiera in den från någon annan sådana fall kunde du ju länka till dom istället?

2014-08-13 11:32

Blev medlem: 2014-08-03 19:35
Inlägg: 28
Vissa kan ju inte svenskan (turkierna,till exempel). Men i fall du inte kan engelska då ska lägga upp guide på svenskan :)

2014-08-13 12:34

Blev medlem: 2014-07-06 8:04
Inlägg: 7
håller med harasin här , detta är det svenska forumet , borde vara på svenska , och jon , turkarna har eget forum

2014-08-13 17:16

Blev medlem: 2014-08-03 19:35
Inlägg: 28
Aight, Jag lägger ut guiden på svenskan snart!

2014-08-13 18:48

Blev medlem: 2014-09-07 23:43
Inlägg: 4
\"4. Krigarens själ/ anarki

This astral is useful to MAGES and KNIGHTS. Unlike the archers, knights and mages tend not to deal critical dmg (fullträff). Therefore this astral block your ability to deal critical dmg but increase your base dmg by certain amount %. In my opinion, mages and knight should benefit this astral till lvl 70.\"

Hur ser denna ut? :)
(Aldrig funnit den..)

2014-09-08 16:20

Blev medlem: 2014-08-03 19:35
Inlägg: 28
You may check it on the astral panel, then växla in button. If you have 7000 astral point then you may just get it.

2014-09-10 10:51

Blev medlem: 2014-09-06 14:45
Inlägg: 1
De astraler man ikke trenger, uansett farge, skal man selge dem eller ta vare på dem?
Det begynner å bli fullt her.. :P

2014-09-16 21:25
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